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The music industry is extremely diverse, people toss out lots of terms and titles. Music Manager, Talent Agent, Buyer, Band Manager, Booking Agent, Promoter.

I am none of these.

I am simply like to throw a great party and I want to expose my podcast to your fans.

I live to network and connect talented bands with venues willing to work together to put on a successful show, providing entertainment for the masses and making everyone money. If either are not willing to put in the effort, then the Metal Chick Podcast isn’t interested in working with you.

Every year the Metal Chick Podcast sponsors a small number of live music events in the Wisconsin area, because I believe focusing my attention on a small number of events rather than spreading myself thin, will produce higher results.

I offer a considerable social media reach (Monthly impressions: 875,000, Followers across all platforms: 94,000), a built in advertising platform with the Metal Chick Podcast – an on-demand audio talk show, and 10+ years grassroots marketing experience in both traditional and new media.

As a bonus, on a case by case basis I am willing to waive fees in exchange for promotional trade out. My entire goal is to get the word out about Metal Chick Podcast.

Contact me to discuss potential opportunities.

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