#MetalChick Ep 047 – Ralf Dietel and Niki Skistimas of KrashKarma

Milwaukee’s Metal Chick Podcast – Ralf Dietel and Niki Skistimas of KrashKarma

What happens when you mix a guy from Germany and a gal from New Jersey? You get KrashKarma! Coined as the White Stripes of metal, Niki and Ralph take time out to chat with us about how the band got started, how it’s grown, and how they handle being a two-piece band. How beating the snot out of a drum kit takes finesse and how they start their European tours

Listen in to hear a hilarious story about how he tortured his family with a recorder, how many times they’ve been towed or broken down (shout out to Rockerchix Promoters from Green Bay and their van pushing skills), how a monkey owned by a stripper stole their belongings in New Orleans and their annual Christmas video (which are not for the faint of heart).

They tour quite a bit and have three shows coming up in Wisconsin, don’t miss out!

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Carrie Zylka:  Welcome to the Metal Chick Podcast, I am your hostess Carrie Zylka, the whole point of this show is to help highlight musicians and upcoming local events.

But before we get into the interview, I’d like to share a few upcoming events that are powered by the Metal Chick Podcast.

I don’t book for bands and I’m certainly not a promoter, but I enjoy helping to bring metal acts into new markets.

West Bend is a rock and metal haven, and the town is going to have a ton of fun at the River Horse West on Main Street, Saturday, March 10 with Aces High – a tribute to Iron Maiden and West Bend locals Cyanide Son, a band mixing covers like Comedown, Sweet Leaf and Cherub Rock with their own original music. Cyanide Son takes the stage at 9 with Aces High following after – if you’re a Maiden fan you’re not going to want to miss Wisconsin’s only Iron Maiden tribute band, they absolutely kill it!

(Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/1241205569348375/)

To learn more about Cyanide Son you can listen to Episode 44.

You can also go back and listen to Episode 21 where I interviewed Aaron Lane, lead guitarist for Aces High and Episode 30 where I interviewed Andrew Gasiorowski, lead singer for Aces High.

And a quick side note, if you’re a death metal fan – I hope to see you at the Cyanosis show Friday, March 9 at Lucky Chance.  Go back and listen to episode 24 where I interviewed Brute Al, lead singer for Cyanosis. The band will always hold a special place in my heart as they were one of the first bands I ever photographed professionally. They are celebrating 25 years of brutality, head over to their Facebook page and make sure you select “going” on the event!


Carrie Zylka:  Welcome to the Metal Chick Podcast. I am your host Carrie Zylka. Super excited about this interview. I’m always really excited about these interviews, but I’m super stoked because we’re stepping away from the norm. We’re not interviewing anybody who lives here in Milwaukee, but we’re interviewing a band that comes here quite often and definitely supports the local metal scene here in southeastern Wisconsin. I would like to welcome KrashKarma. We’ve got Ralf and Niki on the phone. Welcome to the show, you guys.

Ralf Dietel:  Hi, how are you doing?

Niki Skistimas:  Hello everybody.

Carrie Zylka:  So. All right, so why don’t you briefly tell the listeners your style. I know a lot of people have coined you as the White Strips of metal, which is very fitting actually, but why don’t you explain to the listeners who might not be familiar with you, what your style is and what makes you so unique and special?

Ralf Dietel:  00:58  Well, just imagine you have a blend of Germany who comes to Los Angeles, meeting this crazy drummer girl from New Jersey and together they blend all the musical tastes, which varies from Slayer to Mesafatech, it’s like a gigantic bubble that bursts over the listener like a big bubble of blood

Niki Skistimas:  I was gonna say Glitter.

Ralf Dietel:  like we have glitter blood. And we pull this little blood out of a guitar that’s Esp, custom-build bass/normal guitar. And we just entertain with a songs we, we write because we go through a crazy life experiences while we travel the world, touring and playing for people.

Carrie Zylka:  And this is you guys. This is what you guys do. This is your full-time job, right? You guys are on tour because you guys are like everywhere all of the time. Like are you ever home?

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Well this is what we do, we’re at home right now. But not for long when we’re actually in the studio. We have a studio in our house and we spent this year not only on the road but in between that we’ve written and recorded a new album. So right now Ralf is in the process of mixing that and then uh, we’ll be mastering it and it will be ready sooner than later. So we’re very super excited and always busy.

Carrie Zylka:  So. And one of the most unique things about you as a band is there’s only two of you in the band. So I am not a musician. I’m a podcaster. So when I first heard, I was like, how the hell are they going to pull that off to somebody to them. You guys are rocking it. Tell the listeners a little bit how you do manage to pull off a show, a live show with just the two of you.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  So just that people can get an idea of what we are. We are a two piece and like you said, the White Stripes of metal. So that being said, I’m the drummer and I’m also the second lead singer. We both do lead, so we do a lot of back and forth with a vocal and then Ralf has cleverly used his German engineering to build this amazing guitars/bass rig. And you can tell them more about that, but that that’s how it winds up bringing our full sound is because he’s able to play both bass and guitar with his instrument that he created. And that was both of us singing and the drums and that’s how we fill out our sounds.

Ralf Dietel:  I mean it’s all about what you hear and what you see. So with what you hear, I have that covered because I knew how to build an instrument that can sound like three instruments and I got that covered. But then Niki has the performance side covered where you put the drums in front of the stage and that you can’t have a girl drummer and you can watch how she placed right in front of you and how she sings the songs. And on top of that she’s gonna bust out a baseball bat and bash the drums with the baseball bat while she sings the songs.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Or maybe you if you get in my way…

Ralf Dietel:  And certain elements that we always draw from and you know, like you know, intro, we coming. It’s coming from the back of the stage. Niki Bang a drum, a marching drum. And then that’s the song that Niki sings. And it just goes into the audience or you try to switch it up as much as possible to get away from the “oh you got as the drummer in the back and the singer in the front.” No, that’s not what you see when you see KrashKarma. When you come see a show, a dynamic show that has a beginning, a middle part and a huge ending and that’s what we’re about. And that’s what we try to pull. Pull it off as two people. That’s what seems to blow people’s minds.

Carrie Zylka:  It is very unique and it’s very interesting. And you guys definitely, you bring clay to show for the two of you guys are so full of just high energy and it’s, it’s an excellent show for anybody um, interested in seeing you guys, which we will talk about some upcoming dates, but first tell me how each of you got even got into music. Are you from musical families or is it something that you developed during the high school years or what inspired you?

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Well, pretty funny actually. Neither of us really come from musical backgrounds, like my family doesn’t play any music. I think my dad played the trumpet for a little while at some point in the army or something, but nothing, nothing crazy. I mean, I always grew up loving music and going to concerts and uh, you know, I wanted to play. I didn’t know really what I want to do with my life and I’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument and I tried guitar and I tried the bass and keyboards, and when I sat behind the drums, that was when something really connected with me that this is what I’m going to do. And um, I just started pursuing it from there and that wasn’t until I was in high school. So I started very late and then, um, as my career and my aspirations and as my projects grew and things progressed, I was doing like the “hey ho” in the background, you know, for singing and just the little things. And eventually it just kind of started leading to more and more vocals and more and more stuff. And now I’m doing full-on lead while playing. And uh, but this is just a progression, you know, we’re working on it every day and growing every day and it’s just, you know, as an artist, that’s what you want. You want to grow, you want to become something more and more as, as you progress through your journey of music. You know, it’s a wonderful thing,

Ralf Dietel:  when I was a kid nobody in my family was playing any instruments, my mom was playing a little flute,


Ralf Dietel:  A recorder yes, but I remember when I was 16 years old, I was standing in front of my parents, my parents friends daughter she was listening to KISS, so I was 16 years old and I was standing in front of a poster that had blood and fire and rock and roll instruments. And I had no idea what it was. And then this girl came and said, you want to listen to this? And I said, yeah. So she showed it to me, gave me a tape and my fate was sealed. And then I wanted to play the drums, but my parents said, no, you cannot have the drums, we have neighbors. So they gave me a recorder.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  They gave it, it was passed down through the family.

Ralf Dietel:  I had a recorder and I remember trying to play “I Love Rock And Roll” from KISS with my recorder,

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  OMG can we do that at our next show? It might be our the next thing. I’m telling you,

Ralf Dietel:  I really tried.  And I couldn’t figure it out and that’s when I thought like I need to, I need to play guitar, and then my parents eventually got me a classical guitar and I got, they sent me to a music school. Everything progressed from there. But the first songs I remember I wrote songs on my recorder.

Carrie Zylka:  Can we get your mom to send us a photo of you holding it in your hand?

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Wow, I’m asking her the next time I see her!

Ralf Dietel:  I’ll tell you a little, let me tell you, Niki and I have another project where we play acoustically and we do it a lot in Europe and with this, I was doing just fun songs. It’s always a fun project. In one time for Christmas and played a big Christmas show, I decided to get my recorder back and I tried to play all these Christmas songs on my recorder, but people were so upset and so pissed off that they stole my recorder from the stage.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Never do that again.

Ralf Dietel:  But basically I punished people in between the songs. With my recorder.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  I kinda love it. I think we should do that again.

Ralf Dietel:  Everybody was really annoyed. I thought it was funny

Carrie Zylka:  I think it was, would be hilarious. Oh my god that’s awesome

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  So for all our listeners that come to the show we might have a special request solo for you next time.

Ralf Dietel:  I wanted to start a cover band where they record us and they called the Levinsky.

Carrie Zylka:  Oh my god that’s so funny

Ralf Dietel:  Of course, we are, we are funny. Our music is always pretty serious, but we are pretty funny people and once a year you will get our sense of humor than we release our annual Christmas song, which was always pretty funny and pretty


Ralf Dietel:  bloody brutal.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  We’re a little bit warped I guess.

Ralf Dietel:  Did you see the video for this year is, um, it’s called Red Snow?

Carrie Zylka:  No I didn’t, where is that one?

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  I’ll send you a link.

Ralf Dietel:  Yeah we’ll send you a link, it’s called Red Snow. Don’t eat the red snow.

Carrie Zylka:  Oh my god. This is going to be the best interview ever…

Ralf Dietel:  You need to watch this video. You have, you seen the movie Frozen? It’s basically pretty much Frozen with Dead Snow, which is a Zombie movie from Sweden.

Carrie Zylka:  I will love it

Ralf Dietel:  It’s really bad, you will not show that to your kid.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah, don’t show it to people who don’t like it, it’ll warp their minds.

Ralf Dietel:  You can’t unsee this.

Carrie Zylka:  Right? So, you guys are constantly touring. You’re writing, you’re in the studio and you’re making these crazy ass videos. I love it, I love it. Talk about living the dream.

Ralf Dietel:  Yeah.

Carrie Zylka:  Tell me, how did you guys meet? How did you, where did the idea for KrashKarma come from?

Ralf Dietel:  Well, we met in Anaheim in a music convention called NAMM.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Exactly 12 years ago because we just got back from the NAMM show today.

Ralf Dietel:  And there Niki was playing in a band. I was playing in a band and exchange numbers started hanging out and eventually, my band needed a drummer and Niki joined my band and then it morphed into KrashKarma over the years.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah we were both doing different projects. And then at first actually Ralf was helping me to produce some of my own songs and at some point when I joined his and we toured a lot with that particular project which was called Suicide Holiday and then, uh, but that had a specific tuning, a specific style. So as we started to get to know each other and start writing together, we realized that we wanted to go in a different way where incorporated me more singing and incorporating the different elements, more electronic elements and more of our influences, you know, so we decided to get away with that and start something new that kind of captured are Yin and Yang dynamic, which is the Krash and the Karma.

Carrie Zylka:  Awesome, that is very cool. So looking at your events and for people who don’t know, you can go to facebook.com/krashkarma. That’s with a k, which I will of course link to in the show notes. Looking at your events. You guys play a f*** ton of shows. I mean, you guys seriously, like seriously, guys play a lot of shows. Where do you think would be your most favorite place? Venue to play. Do you have a favorite?

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Milwaukee of course!

Ralf Dietel:  Always Milwaukee!

Carrie Zylka:  Great answer!

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  we actually really do love to play in Wisconsin as a whole. We have a really, um, good vibe with the people there. I mean they just love music, they’re very supportive of the scene. And um, there’s a lot of pockets of that throughout the world that we’re finding, you know, like, um, one thing about us is that we do try to expand our territory. That’s a big, big thing and it takes time and it takes a lot of work and energy. In the states for example, every time we go out we hit the same area that we’ve hit and then we add some new markets. So we’re always constantly finding new pockets of metal everywhere. But also we’ve now just expanded our territory to Sweden for example. And that might be my new favorite place of all time.

Ralf Dietel:  But next time we might do Finland. Going to be for the first time, very excited. Now we have an invitation to go back to Portugal too.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah. I just uh, I love them all.

Ralf Dietel:  Yeah, it’s hard to tell what our favorite venue is.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah, there’s great metal scenes everywhere. You just have to tap into them. And I think that that is something that is really cool about the metal genre as a whole is that we are a community and that we are kind of a niche group. So, you know, we do stick together. We are supportive of finding new music and finding and helping and being a part of a scene. And uh, you can find that in a lot of places across America and across the world.

Carrie Zylka:  Do you guys have a place, like what is your bucket list thing that like, do you want to play Wacken, do you want to play something that’s just on the bucket list? That would be the crème de la crème of all venues.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Wacken be on my bucket list for on the list

Ralf Dietel:  Yes, Wacken is on the list and we have a new booker in Europe and we really hope that we get on this show for sure. Also Japan for sure. And also Barcelona is on the list.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah. But in America, if there was one stage that I could grace that, um, would be my ultimate, ultimate dream, it would be Red Rocks in Denver, California. It’s an amphitheater. It is the most gorgeous place ever anywhere. My favorite venue. And so yeah, totally. That would be on my Bucket List.

Speaker 2:  15:01  My bucket list is to the Machine Shop too in Michigan.

Carrie Zylka:  That’s a very famous one, yep.

Ralf Dietel:  CBGB, but it’s not existing anymore.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  I already played at CBGB so I crossed that one off my bucket list.

Carrie Zylka:  You guys have any, any super interesting stories or like what’s the craziest thing because you guys with all the traveling. OK wait, so let me back up because I totally just rambled there. My brain went in like eight directions. So with the amount of traveling that you do, do you use backline services or do you can bring a lot of your equipment with you

Ralf Dietel:  I don’t since Niki is playing the drums, sometimes the nunchucks or the baseball bat, people don’t like too much on their stuff.

Carrie Zylka:  Yeah cuz you guys beat the shit out of your equipment. Literally.


Ralf Dietel:  Literally. That is why most of the time we bring our own equipment, which we like, when somebody says, oh no, you can’t play my drums, I’m like thank God because Niki has this new baseball bat and I was drawing on your stuff like OK good. But it’s just the two of us though. It’s not a lot. It’s a drum kit and an amplifier.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah. But we’re, we’re very fortunate being that um, Ralf is from Germany. We actually have a whole over, over time we’ve built up a whole back line that we keep over there.

Ralf Dietel:  In Europe.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  In Europe. Yeah. So once we’re in, we kind of, once we do anything in Europe, we always start in Germany and gather our equipment there and our vehicle and everything and then we go from there to wherever we’re going to go into Europe. So we, right now we have a backline in Europe and in the United States.

Ralf Dietel:  Exactly. But basically based in Los Angeles and Germany,


Ralf Dietel:  Stuttgart, where we have everything twice.

Carrie Zylka:  Interesting. I suppose that makes sense. Because you guys do. I can’t even imagine the amount of money replacing stuff in a year.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  We’re pretty good about it. Got to understand things break. When I’m hitting stuff, I’m usually using things that are already broken and I’m not. I’m not trying to kill my, my wonderful expensive, awesome things.

Ralf Dietel:  Of course it happens and every time it happened I learned from. So over the years, we got pretty good, but it’s not destroying the good shit.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah. Kind of dialed in. You know, we’re, we’re, we’re professional destroyers.

Carrie Zylka:  What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you while on tour?

Ralf Dietel:  You know what, so much crazy stuff has happened. The last crazy thing that happened on the last two I thought were crazy, but there was crazy in a bad way, the tour went for six weeks and we got towed six times.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Our van was towed six times.

Ralf Dietel:  Towed six times, every, every week we got towed at least once and the last time on the second to last time I got told me broke down in Reno,

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Outside of Reno

Ralf Dietel:  Close to Reno and I’m going to bring our van. And I worked on the van too, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. So we brought it to a shop and the guy at the shop looks at the engine and tells me, “oh yeah this might be the carburetor” and the engine does not have a carburetor. I realized that this guy who was the mechanic has less idea about my car than I do.

Speaker 2:  18:48  And I look at this guy and says, “no, it does not to have a carburetor its fuel injection”. And then he said, “oh yeah, might be then, uh, you know, air take whatever”. And we had a really important show that’d be the catch. So I said, “please can you fix it within the next two hours? Or early in the morning the next day”. He said, “of course”. So the next day I called them at 10:00 and he answers the phone and says, “yeah, you know, I tried it and I think it might be the fuel pump or the transmission” and that’s when I realized red flags and you know what, don’t touch the van. I’m coming right now and I will tow it myself to Los Angeles. And so as that marked the end of the tour, and luckily I told the vendor to Los Angeles and I looked at it and realized it was a part for one dollar and fifty cents. I replaced the part and worked again.

Carrie Zylka:  Come on…

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  But OK. So for all that stress, it was always one of those things. I think this is an important part to put in there. For example, we got towed one time and the car had to get fixed by a certain time in order for us to leave in order to make it to the next gig. We were in, actually, we were in Green Bay when this happened. We were in Green Bay and we had to push the van to the place at 6:00 PM as they were closing. They came out with a wench, I don’t know if you know our promoter RockerChix from up there, but she was pushing the van with us until like ridiculous. And so they had to fix it by 2 PM in order for us to leave and get somewhere to like nine hours away in Ohio.

And uh, yeah. And so this, we, we’re supposed to leave the night before but that’s when it broke down. So they were working on it, working on that and I’m calling them every half an hour. What’s going on on my God so we don’t get out of there until about 4:00, no chance to make this show. So we have to cancel it. We rescheduled it. It’s all OK, you know, sucky. But things happen. So on the way, I started calling everybody I knew and the Chicago anywhere within a four-hour radius and we wound up getting the show and a last minute they were able to put us on the bill at this place called The Loony Bin. So we get there by the end of what we made at that night. It was the exact amount almost to the penny of what we had to pay for the cost of fixing the van.

Ralf Dietel:  Which was 578 bucks.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah it was like $578 to the t. And we exactly made that amount. So it always just blows my mind that karma is a real thing. Like yeah, we had a crappy situation, but it turned around in a way that we were at least able to stay straight.

Carrie Zylka:  Yeah that’s insane!

Ralf Dietel:  And before, you know, it was supposed to meet a friend for Thanksgiving the next day and we cannot get a hold of her and you’re thinking about, OK, she probably bought all this stuff for us and tries to cook and you cannot get a hold of her and you need to leave. But the van was broken and then finally we get in touch with a daughter and she tells us, well, my mom is in jail and my dad, but my dad.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah our Thanksgiving plans down down the drains

Ralf Dietel:  They are in jail now, and we don’t even know why. We haven’t ever heard

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  No idea. No Idea.

Ralf Dietel:  And we never heard back from them. So it must’ve been something serious.


Ralf Dietel:  So, and then a week later we get back to the area where he came from. Just crazy stuff.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  That one was crazy. In a weird way this last one, but you know, it depends on what kind of crazy you want to yell. But we’ve had all sorts of. Every, every which way of crazy happens on the road.

Carrie Zylka:  That is crazy, oh Wow. But all in all. It makes for good stories.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah. We can definitely write a book at some point.

Carrie Zylka:  Um, speaking of Green Bay, you’ll be coming here to Wisconsin, March 9th up in Phat Headz in Greenbay and March tenth at The Back Barn in Janesville, which is. I loved watching you guys there because that stage is so fun.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  It really is. I enjoy that place. It’s really cool. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere,

Carrie Zylka:  Yeah it’s really BFE out there. Well…

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  If you want one more quick crazy story on a positive note, this is pretty good. So we played, um, one time we got asked to play at this big festival in Morocco, in Casa Blanca, Africa. And uh, we went over there and we had really no idea what to expect, you know, it was like, OK, this is our first time. A friend of ours hooked it up and we get there. We didn’t know were like, I didn’t even know they listened to metal, you just don’t have a clue, you know, we got there and it was this huge, like it used to be a slaughter house, so it was just like this really kind of crazy venue. Indoor and outdoor with like jeans everywhere and like thousands of metal kids in Metallica shirts and you know, like Slipknot and all this stuff just came out of nowhere and to this venue. And uh, it’s, our turn at 10:00. We’re about to go on, we’re all pumped up and I just had to go to the bathroom in a hole in the ground backstage. That was the toilet where like getting ready to go onstage and then as we’re jumping up on there, they stop us and they say “wait, we have to say the prayers first” and then five times in a Muslim country prayers come on over the loudspeakers through the whole entire city. So we had to wait for 10 minutes while they do this thing, and it was the weirdest thing to me because I’d never experienced something like that before. It was just strange and then we get up and the guy goes and introduces us and he goes “and introducing from America Karma Crap”. And we’re just like “uh, ok, here goes nothing!”

Ralf Dietel:  But my favorite part of my favorite part about this is Niki I stay in an apartment, where you can see the whole city. We can look on the roof of the other buildings and then Niki, at one point it’s like, oh look at this. They have all their…they’re bringing the animal, the sheep on the roof, on the like, what are they doing? They have a bucket with red dyes, I think they’re dying their sheep. Why would they dye their sheep red? No, they take out a big machete and they slaughter this thing.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  On the rooftop!! On the rooftop of an apartment building in the middle of the city.

Ralf Dietel:  Turns our national day where everybody slaughters or sacrifices their sheep.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  They were cooking the head on a fire on the rooftop,

Ralf Dietel:  but it was just so funny because Niki was just so innocent “oh look they’re dying the sheep red with the red dye” oh no, no, that’s not dye, that’s blood.

Carrie Zylka:  Oh my God, that is not something you see every day.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Wow. And I realize how much you have no idea about the world because I was legit like, so I really didn’t even consider that as an option.

Carrie Zylka:  Cuz you’re like “oh, that’s interesting. I wonder if they’re color coding them for something? Oh that’s great. What do you, what do you, what do you guys think is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned from touring all these different countries and just being on the road so much

Ralf Dietel:  Well the biggest lesson that we learned is if you meet a stripper and you get with her down the road, don’t meet her neighbor who had the monkeys who’ll steal your drugs from you.

Carrie Zylka:  What? Wait…

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Ok, I was going to get all like philosophical…

Ralf Dietel:  So we played a show once in New Orleans. And we had this super fan. She was great. She helped us with the merch and by the end of the night we didn’t know where to stay really, so we came with the apartment and we met the hanging out with the neighbor, but the neighbor had a little monkey and the monkey was able to steal the hash.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah, but no, what I would have to say as to what we’ve learned.

Carrie Zylka:  She says “let’s be serious here”.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah. We’re excited to get random sometimes.

Carrie Zylka:  Oh I’m absolutely loving it,

Ralf Dietel:  No but that stripper, crazy story. I lost her phone number.

Carrie Zylka:  Wait, because the monkey wasn’t crazy enough?

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  The monkey must’ve stolen her phone number too cuz we lost it.

Ralf Dietel:  So I didn’t have her phone number, but a few years later we play again in New Orleans and I had no idea how we’re getting contact with her. So after the show we walked down the streets where all the strip clubs are in New Orleans, like on Bourbon Street, somewhere in that area, and I walked, I, I walked down the street and then a girl comes out and she has a tattoo on her chest that I realize that its her. And I look at her.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Five years later, four years later.

Ralf Dietel:  And she looks at me and says “Ralf?” and I’m like, “Rose?”. We’re reconnected. I haven’t had your number. What happened? She’s like, well, I met this guy from the army. I got pregnant. I got the kids, we moved to his parents. The parents didn’t like me so we got divorced. They kept the kid. I lost all my weight, came back to the Strip club and here I am. I’m like “what?”

Carrie Zylka:  What the hell??

Ralf Dietel:  It was full circle ma, she just joined society and sold right out.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  But back to the whole thing. What we’ve learned is that there are great people in our genre. There’s great people everywhere. There’s metal scene’s everywhere and people are the same everywhere, you know, I mean it’s that we all want the same thing. We’re all going for the same goals, you know, and I think that that’s a very missed common thread when you live somewhere you’d think that people are so different. Other places, you know, and I find that there’s amazing people everywhere in this world and we all want the same things and I think that’s a really important lesson to learn in life.

Carrie Zylka:  Agreed, even if they slaughter goats on rooftops and on apartment buildings.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah! And it’s like how am I supposed to know? But that was a normal thing for them. They will move on. Now that sheep for the rest of the year. The rest of the year is two things that you just never know that we’re important you know.

Carrie Zylka:  Yeah, totally. Too funny. Oh my God, this has been a really fun interview I haven’t laughed this hard during an interview in years. Legitimately. I’m just never going to be able to get the image of like, you know, hash stealing monkeys owned by New Orleans Strippers out of my mind. It’s just fucking awesome.

Ralf Dietel:  You should’ve seen that monkey!

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  The monkey was so cute. But I didn’t know he was a thief!

Ralf Dietel:  I would’ve given it to him if it would’ve asked!

Carrie Zylka:  Well tell the listeners where they can find out more about you. social media and how will they can find out where to see your upcoming shows.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Always our website KrashKarma.com as always crash with a k and a, our shows are up there and we also have our video is all our latest facebook, news and everything filters through there. All of our links, all of our social media. So the website is kind of a one stop shop but of course, you can just do social media at /krashkarma and you will find us on every other platform.

Ralf Dietel:  Facebook, Instagram, youtube.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Twitter, blah blah, you know that /krashkarma and you will find us. And all of our shows are always up on basically everything.

Ralf Dietel:  Also on spotify. You’ll find it.

Carrie Zylka:  I will of course lilnk to all these in the show notes at  MilwaukeeMetalChick.com. Well alright, you guys. Well, thank you so very much for coming on. The Metal Chick podcast is always. I appreciate you taking the time and sharing some of your stories with me, which were epic.

Ralf Dietel:  Thank you so much for having us, we always love to share our knowledge.

NIKI SKISTIMAS:  Yeah for sure.

Carrie Zylka:  Well something tells me you’ll be on the show again in the future so I can hear more stories. That’ll do it, thanks again for taking the time to listen to this interview. Don’t forget that if you’re in a band or a bar, and you’re hosting a hard rock or metal band in the southeastern Wisconsin area, make sure you let me know so I can add it to the MilwaukeMetalChick.com website. I go out and look for them but I can’t help you if you don’t help me.

Please head over to facebook and like the Metal Chick facebook page. I run some contests, I give away tee shirts, you can sign up for the newsletter on the website, whatever I’ll keep you in the know as well as I can. Feel free to message me any info on upcoming events or anyone you think would be a very interesting interview. I am always open to guests on the show. We’ve got some great guests coming up and some fun events coming up so stay tuned!