Welcome to The Milwaukee Metal Chick and her wild show “Metal Chick Podcast”

Every week she’s interviewing musicians from Southeastern Wisconsin and sharing their story with you!

Plus she’ll throw in a new release album review and random one off episodes here and there; just to keep things fresh and fun.

You can download the Metal Chick app in the Google Play or Apple Store. And you can listen to select tracks on Soundcloud.

Facts About Carrie

Main website: CarrieZylka.com

Favorite Music: Thrash, Groove, and Power Metal – in that order.

First Concert: Pantera at the Rave, Milwaukee on Thursday, April 2, 1992 (I was 16!)

First Album: Morbid Angel – Blessed Are the Sick

Top 5 Favorite Bands (in order):

  1. Machine Head
  2. Avenged Sevenfold
  3. The Offspring
  4. White Zombie/Rob Zombie
  5. Trivium

All Time Favorite Song: Machine Head “Imperium”

Current Favorite Song: In Flames “Only for the Weak”

5 Recommended Milwaukee Metal Bands:

  • Aces High (Iron Maiden Tribute)
  • The Metal Men
  • Crush Point
  • American Zeros
  • Amillennial

Number of podcasts hosted:


  • Metal Chick Podcast – Interviews with musicians and new release heavy metal reviews.
  • A Creative Mind Fiction – 5 minute fiction stories in a variety of genres.
  • HuntFishTravel – the 1st and longest running female hosted hunting podcast, recipient of 4 podcast, 7 blog and 3 photography awards.